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Trucks Unique
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Albuquerque, NM 87109
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  • We do require proof of purchase so please keep your receipts. You can return a product if it is in its original packaging, new condition and has not been installed or used (meaning we can resell the item as new) AND it is within 30 days of purchase OR according to the manufacturer’s return policy, whichever is less. There is no return of electrical items not otherwise warrantied by the manufacturer. You might be charged a re-stocking fee, 10% on stock items and 25% on special orders. If a product has been modified at your request, then you own it. We will try to assist you with any manufacturer warranty issues if you are a reasonable person with common sense that understands we are trying to help, but the manufacturer has the final say, not us.

  • Yes…according to the dealer/vehicle manufacturer! Because of that too familiar answer, the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) protects consumers of aftermarket products with The Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act. ( The Act makes it illegal for companies to void your warranty or deny coverage under the warranty simply because you used an aftermarket part. The dealer/vehicle manufacturer has the right to deny a warranty repair, but they MUST demonstrate that the aftermarket part caused the problem. Naturally, dealers and manufacturers will ALWAYS blame problems or damage on aftermarket parts especially if they are performance enhancing parts like exhaust systems, air intakes, chips and tuners. And, they have their attorney’s ready to fight.
    If you think a dealer has denied your warranty claim unfairly, ask to speak with a supervisor. If you still aren’t satisfied, contact the manufacturer or go to another dealer. You may also wish to file a complaint with your state Attorney General office or the FTC.

  • You will notice slower acceleration, reduced fuel mileage, your speedometer and odometer will be off, you will need a greater distance for stopping, and there will be more wear and tear on suspension components, i.e. brakes, steering parts, transmissions, etc. Of course the larger the size of tires, the larger the effects. But, do not let those things discourage you! You will be the envy of the road in your awesome truck!

  • Yes! However, we do have a higher labor rate than if you did purchase from us. Too many times customers bring their own parts to have us do the installation only to discover that parts and/or hardware is missing or it is the wrong part for their vehicle. It is time consuming for our staff to search down the necessary parts to complete the installation or find the correct part for the vehicle. You will be charged more than the original quote if we do have to provide additional hardware. Also, we will not be responsible for any product you purchase outside of Trucks Unique. If there is a problem with the product, it is YOUR responsibility to contact the company you purchased from to resolve any issues.

  • We do not currently offer any financing. We do offer a lay away plan. Initial payment required is 20% of the invoice total. Installment payments, or monthly payments of the remaining balance must be made in order to keep your purchase on schedule for completion within 6 months of the original invoice date. Payment amounts are flexible and can be made in person, or with a phone call and a credit card. The items on the invoice will be ordered once 80% of the invoice total has been received and then the items must be picked up or installed and paid in full within 30 days. You will be charged a $20 cancellation fee upon refund of any other money paid regardless of cancellation reason. If merchandise must be returned, then additional restocking fee will apply. If the price of an item changes during the lay away period, it will not affect your original purchase. The price is locked at the time of purchase and start of the lay away terms.

If you still have questions, don’t worry, we have answers!  Please give us a call at 505-884-5749 or 1-800-765-1791.